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Broastele au aparut in Jurassic, acum 190 milioane de ani. Scheletul si structura au ramas aproape neschimbate de atunci.

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Referatele si lucrarile oferite de au scop educativ si orientativ pentru cercetare academica.

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The Traditional Cuisine

A plate of “tocană” (ground maize boiled in milk) with sheep cheese, cream and fried bacon scraps, a helping of rolls of soured cabbage stuffed with minced pork and coarsely ground maize, a slice of homemade bread baked in the hearth, a glass of “horincă” (plum brandy), and as last course: a crinkled pie or a pound caked with...


Sacel Pottery

As archaeological discoveries have shown, pottery used to be one of the ancient occupations of human beings. It appeared at the same time with the development of an economy based on cattle breeding and with the improvement of farming techniques (the beginning of the Neolithic, c. 9000 BC). Two millennia later, pottery was...


Christmas Day

My favourite holiday is Christmas because I love getting presents and I olso like making up the Christmas three.Christmas is a very special holiday, because it is more a family feest . All members of the family come together and enjoy s the rebirth of Iesus. That happends on the 25 th of December. Santa Claus usually...


Celtic magic rituals

A ritual is a ceremony derived from old, religious traditions, which is performed according to specific rules, usually in a solemn atmosphere, on some important moments of human existence (birth, christening, marriage, death). It can be as well related to some agricultural work stages (sowing, harvesting), or related to the...


Titanic - Story of love

In 1996, treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team explore the wreck of the RMS Titanic, searching for a necklace set with a valuable blue diamond called the Heart of the Ocean. They discover a drawing of a young woman reclining nude, wearing the Heart of the Ocean, dated the day the Titanic sank. News of this drawing on...


Do and Make

Do and Make are two verbs which are frequently confused. Expressions with DO The following words are normally used with Do: anything a job badly nothing a painting business right / wrong a course a service the shopping a dance something the dishes the washing a drawing well exercises work a favor...



The name “Argentina” comes from the latin “argentum” which means silver. The origin of the name goes back to the voyages made by the first Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) to the Rio de la Plata (Silver River). The shipwrecked survivors of the expedition mounted by Juan Diaz de Solis discovered indians in the region who...

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