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Save the planet

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Trimis de Aurel
din 08 Aprilie 2009


Cigarettes are very expensive –some people spend more money on them than on food.Smoking is very bad for your heart and lungs.It kills milions of people world-wide every year.Smoking makes you short of breath and stops you winning at sport,also smoking makes you smell like an old ashtray.Lots of really bad fires are caused by people throwing away cigarette ends or matches.


Tomatoes are healthy for humens because they avert the infarct.Peaches,melon and pink greph avert the infarct too.
Eat them and you will have a longer life!


Sports like:jogging,gimnastic,team sports help us to keep our health and to feel good.
<<MEN SANA IN CORPORE SANO>>,<<HEALTHY MIND IN HEALTHY BODY>>. We shouldn’t practice extreme sports because is dangerous and it may cause accidentes.


Recycling is a way to save money and the world.We shouldn’t buy many floewer pots.We can use butter boxes.If you have unuseful paper don’t throw it away , go with it to the recycle place.


Many people travel by cars and they pollute the enviroment.In the big cityes the air is hard to breathe because of cars exhaust fumes.So,we have to travel by bikes or by foot.

Another pollution cause are the factoryes witch exhaust a mixture of smoke and fog called smog. In this case we must take measures to protect the enviroment.

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