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My best friend

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Trimis de Aurel
din 25 Martie 2009

Friends are a very important part of most people's lives.Who can understand you better than a friend?

Well,my best friend is a simple boy named George with big dreams and because he is a highflayer person I'm pretty sure he will succeed in everything he wants.
George is a chatterbox and sometimes drives me crazy, but I accept because he's my friend.I'm not goiong to describe him physically because it counts less.

We have so much in common.We both are addicted to all about football things and more over that I'm not upset that we support different teams,he (sticks up?) for Steaua's team and me for Dinamo's team.He makes good jokes and we have fun together. Besides school,we can enjoy our spare time when we love to go out,drink a juice
and talk about girls.(I think that it's a sport of boys)and why not we can go into a club and dance for hours.

Although,George is that special person that can accept me for who I am and lend me an ear when I need to whine or complain and he is there,next to me no matter what it happens.

Nobody can understand me better than him because he helps me to solve any problem and gives me confidance.

If one of us is happy,we both feel the same and when one of us is sad we both get a face without smile.Our friendship is one soul in two bodies.

I could say that George knows the song lyrics of my heart and sing when I forgett them.In my friend I find a second self.

However,the list for my best friend can continue but to descrbie a real friendship in words it's difficult.

Friendship is not only one big thing it's a millions little things.The essence consists in trust. Anyway,my best friend is my best friend,nobody can change that and nothing can compare to us.

So,a REAL friend is somone who listen what you don't say,reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
I found all that things in my best friend,George.

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