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Trimis de cristina_dool
din 12 Ianuarie 2010

It is an afternoon delight of delicate wind of autumn. I walk softly on the trail of leaves and nuts adorned dressed in tattered shirts from flowing grape amar. Stratul thick yellow-brown leaves managed to confine path. Forest sad, almost dead, because it ignored the green, is now pustie . Singurii friends who have left are the wind and cold.

I go to the forest and see funny how everything seems a magic secret places, places that could mean a marvel for many noi Farmecul fall changed everything in something unseen, going "very well" and getting to the expression "something never seen earth. I forgot the river that still has preserved clarity, carpet that stretches endlessly multicolorelor of leaves and of course what is covered, sky, spotted smoke mixed with what has turned gray.

Trees are sad because they killed many brothers, the dark brown color of baza.Fiecare his work is a mystery, one more special as the other, but the path, I think the end poteciinu found.
Perhaps nothing would have been the same without deer fevered cry of old prince is believed that wind through the branches motionless tuturor.Soarele pale light and we will still like each drop atat.Ploaia palmuieste stem trees, wind up wet leaves from the ground and lightning, thunder scares them even more on the few plays tricks vietuitoare.Ceata zglobie ii intreii forests. crickets powder with benga wings are sad now that will endure, again winter a whole, of hunger.

Coolness series is slowly and put down her veil over night pamnatul mohorat.Imi open umbrella and rush me pasimarunti but heading home. Do not forget though I observe one thing. Not only migrating birds no longer in the landscape but no leg the man who knows how to appreciate the magic of the forest in full autumn....

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