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Download Referat - A  LETTER TO SANTA CLAUS

Trimis de Alexandra
din 15 Iulie 2009

This is a story about a very special little child, who, unifortunately, was a very poor little boy.His parents had no money to buy him toys or candies just as the other parents do for their children. He also had brother and two little sisters. As he was the eldest one among his brother and sisters, he decided to write to Santa Claus, because he was a believer. He knew Santa would read his latter because he was told time and time again about Santa's little helpers, the working little elves who make billions of toys for children all around the world, all year round – about Rudlph and his famous red nose, about Dasher, and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, or Donner, Blitzen and Cupid or the little one – Comet, the flying reindeer that help Santa deliver presents on time on Chrismas Eve, to good children just like him. "But how" – his little brother and sisters would ask him innocently? "Well, through the chimney of course", he'd answer in a heart beat, just as if he was one of the funny little elves.
So – he thought – all I need is some stationery a pen and an envelope and we're good to go. His letter to Santa went like this:
Dear Santa Clause,
I'm a 10 year old boy from a small village in a far away land, named Romanai, but you probably know all about me and my younger siblings.(since you know all the children in the world). We sure know a lot about you and your elves and reindeer.
I'm writing to you in my behailf as well as that of my brother and my two little sisters.Our parents are very poor and they can't offer us all the things that we need to have a happy childhood. So, I don't want to be disrespectful but we were wondering if you could do something and help up. We would problby do a lot better if this Christmas you would send us 500 lei to get through this Christmas.
I know you will Santa because you are the kindest person we know.
Looking foreword to hearing from you, we love you very much ,
Peter, Andy, Maria and Mary

A few minutes later the letter was mailed to the post office with no address just "To Dear Old Santa Claus, To the North Pole". The mail men were quite surprised to see such a letter, they didn't aspect a letter straight to Santa Clayse, what were they to do? To whom shall they send it? Well, after a while they decided to open it and read it, maybe they could help. Imagine their surprise to read such a sad letter, so, they decided to hepl the children by raising some money. They all gave something but it was only half the sum the little boy has asked for. Anyway, they decided to send the sum anyway, maybe it would be of some help.
Days later there was another letter, with the exact same destinastion, and the sme hand writing. They've opend it, thinking it was a Thank you, letter from the little children....

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Download Referat - A  LETTER TO SANTA CLAUS

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